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Article: Exploring Newfoundland's Best Dog-Friendly Trails

A dog sitting on the edge of a cliff, Newfoundland, Canada.

Exploring Newfoundland's Best Dog-Friendly Trails

Newfoundland, the eastern gem of Canada, is a land of breathtaking vistas, pristine wilderness, and boundless opportunities for adventure. For those of us who share our lives with four-legged companions, this province is not just a paradise; it's a playground of endless exploration. In this guide, we invite you to embark on a journey through Newfoundland's most enchanting and dog-friendly trails. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or just starting to unleash the adventurer in you, these trails offer a world of discovery for both you and your loyal canine companion. So, leash up, pack some treats, and let's dive into Newfoundland's wilderness, one paw at a time.

1/ East Coast Trail - St. John's

Location: St. John's, Avalon Peninsula

The East Coast Trail offers a mix of coastal and forested routes, making it a diverse playground for humans and dogs. With over 300 kilometres of trails, there's no shortage of adventure here.

As you set out on a picturesque adventure along the stunning East Coast Trail in St. John's, you want your furry friend to not only feel comfortable but also look like a true trail-blazing superhero. That's where our 'Superman Collar' comes into play. Picture your beloved canine companion proudly sporting this vibrant, eye-catching collar against the backdrop of rugged cliffs and crashing waves. The bold 'S' emblem, reminiscent of the iconic Superman logo, adds a touch of style and personality to your dog's attire. It's not just a collar; it's a statement piece that reflects the spirit of adventure shared between you and your loyal sidekick as you conquer the scenic wonders of Newfoundland's East Coast Trail.

2/ Cape Spear Path

Location: Cape Spear, Avalon Peninsula

Cape Spear is not only the easternmost point of North America but also a fantastic place for a dog-friendly hike.

As you navigate the breathtaking Cape Spear Path along Newfoundland's rugged cliffs, safety becomes paramount, especially when you have your furry companion by your side. These cliffs offer unparalleled views, but they can also pose risks. It's crucial to ensure both you and your four-legged friend are prepared for this exciting journey. First and foremost, consider equipping your dog with a reliable 'GF Pet Travel Harness' available on This harness not only keeps your pup secure but also provides a comfortable fit, allowing them to move freely. Additionally, don't forget a 'Doggy Life Vest' for added safety, particularly if you plan to explore areas near the water. These life vests are designed to keep your dog buoyant and safe, providing peace of mind as you take in the awe-inspiring vistas of Cape Spear Path.

3/ Gros Morne National Park

Location: Western Newfoundland

Gros Morne National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its striking landscapes.

Embarking on a camping trip with your canine companion in the pristine wilderness of Gros Morne National Park is an unforgettable experience, but it requires careful planning. To ensure your four-legged friend enjoys every moment, consider a few essentials. Start by packing the 'US Army Dog Water Bottle' available on, which allows you to keep your pup hydrated on the go. Gros Morne's diverse landscapes can be dusty, so don't forget 'Disposable Wipes,' also found on our website, to keep your pet clean and comfortable. These wipes are a lifesaver when it comes to refreshing your dog after a day of hiking and exploring. With these essential items, your camping trip becomes a breeze, and you and your furry companion can fully immerse yourselves in the natural wonders of Gros Morne National Park.

4/ Butter Pot Provincial Park

Location: West of St. John's

Butter Pot Provincial Park is an ideal spot for a day hike with your dog.

Exercise is a key ingredient in keeping our furry companions healthy and content, and what better way to provide it than by exploring the beautiful wilderness of Butter Pot Provincial Park? Regular exercise not only contributes to your dog's physical well-being but also nurtures their mental health. As you venture into the lush landscapes of this park with your loyal canine companion, our dog-friendly hiking gear from can enhance the experience for both pets and their owners. Our 'Corgi-licious Dog Walking Bag' is designed for convenience, offering ample storage for treats, toys, and waste bags, ensuring you have all the essentials at your fingertips during your hike. Moreover, the 'Walk-On with Harness Storage' provides your dog with comfort and freedom of movement while allowing you to effortlessly carry their harness when not in use. These accessories transform every outing to Butter Pot Provincial Park into an enjoyable adventure, deepening the connection between you and your cherished pet.

5/ Terra Nova National Park

Location: Eastern Newfoundland

Terra Nova National Park offers a mix of coastal trails and lush forests.

When planning your visit to the stunning Terra Nova National Park with your furry companion, it's crucial to choose the right time to make the most of your trip. The summer months, from June to August, offer pleasant weather and lush greenery, making it an ideal time for hiking and outdoor activities with your dog. If you prefer a quieter experience, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons of spring and fall when the park is less crowded, and the fall foliage paints the landscape with vibrant colors. To ensure a seamless trip, you'll find a range of pet-friendly accommodations within easy reach of the park, including cozy cabins, lodges, and campgrounds that welcome both you and your canine friend.

6/ Humber Valley Trail

Location: Corner Brook, Western Newfoundland

Humber Valley Trail is a scenic gem for dog lovers.

As you plan a refreshing walk with your furry friend along Humber Valley Trail in Newfoundland, it's vital to prioritize their comfort and safety, especially if you have a smaller or older dog. That's where a comfortable and innovative dog harness, like the 'Headlight Harness - Dog Harness with Built-in LED Light,' available on, comes into play. Smaller and older dogs may have unique needs, and a well-designed harness provides crucial support, distributing pressure evenly to prevent discomfort during the walk. This particular harness not only ensures your pet's comfort but also adds an extra layer of safety, thanks to its built-in LED light, making evening strolls safer for both you and your dog. It's a perfect example of how the right gear can enhance the experience for both you and your furry companion, allowing you to fully enjoy the scenic wonders of Humber Valley Trail.

7/ Pippy Park - Kent's Pond Trail

Location: St. John's, Avalon Peninsula

Pippy Park's Kent's Pond Trail is a favourite among locals.

As you embark on a delightful hike with your canine companion along Kent Pond Trail in St. John's, Newfoundland, the journey presents an excellent opportunity not only for adventure but also for bonding and training. Dog treats are invaluable during such moments, serving as powerful rewards for your furry friend's good behaviour. Consider carrying 'Dr. Kelly the Vet Dog Treats - Beef,' available on, on your hike. These tasty treats are delicious and packed with nutrients that keep your dog energized and motivated. Use them to reinforce positive behaviours, from heeding commands to staying close on the trail. With these treats in your pocket, your hike becomes not only an exploration of nature but also a training session that strengthens the bond between you and your loyal companion.

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8/ La Manche Village Path

Location: Southern Avalon Peninsula

The La Manche Village Path takes you through a picturesque coastal village.

As you plan an excursion to the serene La Manche Village Park, nestled amidst the natural beauty of Newfoundland, it's crucial to consider the well-being of your four-legged companion, especially during certain seasons when ticks are more prevalent. Ticks can pose health risks to dogs and humans alike, and prevention is key. To safeguard your furry friend while exploring this picturesque destination, we recommend the 'Alzoo Plant Oil-Based Repellent Diffusing Dog Collar,' available on This innovative collar offers long-lasting tick and flea protection through its plant oil-based repellent technology. It provides peace of mind, allowing you and your dog to fully immerse yourselves in the beauty of La Manche Village Park without worrying about tick-related concerns. Prioritizing tick prevention ensures that your adventure remains a safe and enjoyable experience for both you and your beloved pet.

9/ The Skerwink Trail

Location: Trinity, Bonavista Peninsula

The Skerwink Trail boasts breathtaking coastal views.

The Skerwink Trail in Trinity, Newfoundland, is nothing short of breathtaking. Its rugged coastal beauty offers a mesmerizing backdrop for a scenic walk with your beloved canine companion. As you traverse this picturesque trail, capturing those Instagram-worthy moments becomes irresistible. And let's not forget your stylish companion – outfit your dog with the 'GF Pet Reversible Elasto-Fit Raincoat in Yellow,' ensuring they stay dry and look fabulous against the dramatic coastal views. With the Skerwink Trail as your canvas, your Instagram feed is about to get a serious dose of charm, thanks to your adorable four-legged model.

10/ Signal Hill National Historic Site

Location: St. John's, Avalon Peninsula

Signal Hill offers history and stunning views.

As the sun sets behind the iconic Signal Hill National Historic Site in Newfoundland, embarking on a night hike with your canine companion takes on a magical allure. Yet, safety remains a top priority in the dimly lit terrain. A reflective dog collar becomes a pivotal accessory for such twilight adventures. These collars are designed to reflect light, ensuring that your four-legged friend remains visible and secure in low-light conditions. At, we recognize the significance of nighttime safety during your visits to Signal Hill. That's why we offer the 'Headlight Harness - Dog Harness with Built-in LED Light,' a versatile harness designed to provide both reflective visibility and an integrated LED light. With this indispensable gear, your night hikes at Signal Hill National Historic Site are not only safer but also an enchanting experience for you and your cherished pet.

In conclusion, Newfoundland's best dog-friendly trails offer more than just scenic beauty and outdoor adventure; they provide a canvas for cherished moments with our four-legged companions. Whether you're strolling along the stunning East Coast Trail, conquering the rugged cliffs of Cape Spear Path, or venturing into the serene wilderness of Terra Nova National Park, these trails offer a unique bond-building experience for both you and your furry friend. As you explore these picturesque routes, remember to equip yourself with the right gear and accessories from to ensure safety, comfort, and style for your pet. Whether it's a comfortable harness, delicious treats, or reflective collars for night hikes, our goal is to enhance your adventures and make every step of the journey memorable. So leash up, pack your essentials, and embark on a journey of exploration, joy, and companionship with your beloved dog on Newfoundland's best dog-friendly trails.

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