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The Journey to Cuddle Finds A Tale of Two Poodles and a Nomadic Heart

Two Toy Poodles Miko and Maui stand by the water.

In the ever-changing tapestry of life, my two toy poodles, Miko and Maui, have been my constant companions, infusing each day with joy, laughter, and unconditional love. As a digital nomad, my lifestyle is a blend of wanderlust and work, with new horizons always on the horizon. This nomadic existence, while exhilarating, presented a unique set of challenges, especially when it came to ensuring Miko and Maui had everything they needed, no matter where in the world we found ourselves.

The quest for a reliable, go-to online dog shop became as much a part of our travels as our luggage. I sought a place where quality was a promise, not a surprise; a shop that felt like home, no matter how far from it we were. Yet, this search often ended in frustration. Either the quality was hit-or-miss, or the logistics of getting products to our next destination was a nightmare.

Crafting a Global Collection

This recurring challenge sparked a vision: Cuddle Finds, an online haven where dog owners could find not just products, but peace of mind. I dreamed of a shop that would be the bookmark on every dog lover's browser, a repository of carefully curated items that reflected the needs and wants of dogs and their owners alike.

We realized that we could offer something truly special by sharing these finds with a wider audience. Cuddle Finds became a portal to the world, featuring products that combined global craftsmanship with local accessibility. Our goal was to make these unique, high-quality items available to dog owners across Canada and the US, removing the barriers of international shipping costs and customs hassles.

Commitment to Convenience and Quality

Understanding the pre-trip scramble to stock up on essentials, we designed Cuddle Finds to be the ultimate pre-departure checkpoint for pet owners. Whether planning an adventure or ensuring your home is stocked with your dog's favourites, our platform provides an easy, reliable shopping experience.

We've gone a step further by offering free shipping across Canada and the US, ensuring that the only surprise our customers experience is the joy of receiving their order. This commitment extends to every aspect of Cuddle Finds, from the handpicked selection of products to the responsive customer service that understands the nomadic heart's needs and concerns.

A Community of Adventurous Hearts and Wagging Tails

Cuddle Finds is more than an online shop; it's a community born from the journey of two toy poodles and their nomadic owner. It's a testament to the belief that no matter where life takes you, the love for your pets remains a constant, guiding force.

We invite you to explore Cuddle Finds, where every product tells a story of adventure, discovery, and the unbreakable bond between dogs and their owners. Join us in creating memorable moments with your furry companions, equipped with the best the world has to offer.

Welcome to our pack, where Miko, Maui, and countless adventures await.