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Fin Fit Doggy Life Vest

Sale price$75.00

Introducing our one-of-a-kind CanineShaper Life Vest - a must-have for your furry friend's safety on aquatic adventures. Its distinct design ensures easy identification while the premium polyester material guarantees durability and resilience.

Crafted with professional precision, this life-saving accessory is tailored for dogs of all sizes. Choose from our range of sizes: S for pups wearing size 3 and 4, M for those in size 5 and 6, and L for dogs wearing size 7 and 8.

Don't compromise on safety or style this summer. Equip your pup with CanineShaper Life Vest today and let them dive into the fun securely! Order yours now!

 Size Length Bust Collar Suitable Weight
XSmall 20 30-42 25-35 2-5 KG
Small 36 41-53 36-47 6-9 KG
Medium 30 41-63 40-48 10-20 KG
Large 35 50-75 42-54 22-35 KG
XLarge 45 70-98 50-70 36-50 KG


Color:JSY01 orange
Dog wearing CanineShaper Life Vest swimming in the ocean
Fin Fit Doggy Life Vest Sale price$75.00