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GF Pet Ice Bowl

Sale price$42.00

Introducing the GF Pet Ice-Bowl – A Refreshing Solution to Keep Your Pet's Water Cool and Comfortable!

Say goodbye to warm and stagnant water during hot days with our innovative Ice Bowl. Designed to provide your furry companion with refreshing hydration, this bowl ensures your pet's water stays cool for hours, even in scorching temperatures.

Instructions: Experience the cooling magic by placing the insert in the freezer until cold. Once chilled, insert it back into the base. Fill the bowl with water, and voilà! Your pet can now enjoy crisp, refreshing sips even on hot days. Please note that if your pet tends to chew, it's essential to supervise them while using the Ice Bowl to prevent damage.

Product Details:

  • The non-toxic cooling gel insert keeps water pleasantly cool, ensuring your pet stays hydrated and comfortable.

  • The anti-skid design prevents unnecessary spills and movement, keeping the Ice Bowl in place even during enthusiastic drinking sessions.

  • With a generous 16 oz capacity, this bowl accommodates the thirstiest pets, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Constructed with a quality melamine shell and a plastic insert filled with non-toxic cooling gel, ensuring durability and safety.

Upgrade your pet's drinking experience with the GF Pet Ice-Bowl – the perfect remedy to beat the heat and provide refreshing relief. Keep their water cool and their tails wagging with every sip!

Anti-Skid Pet Cooling Bowl - Keep Water Refreshingly Cool
GF Pet Ice Bowl Sale price$42.00