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Perfume for Long-Lasting Scents

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Dog perfume inspired by No. 5 Chanel Perfume with aldehydes and floral blend
Lavender-infused dog perfume for calming and relaxing scent
Pupcake Perfume Relax Sale price$39.00
Sweet vanilla dog perfume with caramel and honey blend
Dog perfume with blue sequoia woody fragrance

Enhance your dog's scent with our perfume collection

Is your furry friend in need of a fragrance upgrade? Our perfume collection is here to make your pup smell as delightful as they look! With scents that range from fresh and floral to bold and spicy, we’ve got the perfect spritz to suit every canine personality. Say goodbye to doggy odors and hello to a fur-esh, fabulous scent that’ll have tails wagging and noses nuzzling. Because every pup deserves to smell as great as they feel! Shop our perfume collection now and let the sniffing and snuggling begin!


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