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Bundle Sammy - Splash Suit

Sale price$84.00

Introducing the "Bundle Sammy - Splash Suit + Life Jacket" - a stylish and versatile choice to keep your pet dry and safe. The water-resistant polyester suit, known as Sammy, keeps your furry friend cozy on rainy days. It's not just functional, but stylish too - with a roll-up sleeve and branded tab. The suit also includes a hood with a snap and a zipper pocket with a poop bag dispenser for convenient walks. The button hole opening allows for easy leash access. No need to worry about fur or lint, as the fluff-free velcro keeps your pet looking clean. Crafted from 100% water-resistant polyester, this suit is designed to withstand any weather. Make a smart choice for your pet's comfort and style with the Bundle Sammy - Splash Suit + Life Jacket, perfect for any adventure.