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Pup-accino Enrichment Lick Mat

Sale price$21.00

Transform Mealtime with the Pup-accino Enrichment Lick Mat

Designed by Dexypaws, the Pup-accino Enrichment Lick Mat is your furry friend's new favorite treat! Dexter says, "Keep your pet busy all day long with our calming enrichment mat. Perfect for stressful moments like bath time or when they're feeling anxious!" Simply spread peanut butter, raw food, or plain yogurt on the mat to engage your pet and provide a tasty distraction.

Why Choose Our Lick Mat?

  • Promotes Healthy Eating: Encourages slow feeding to prevent gulping and aid digestion.
  • Calming Enrichment: Helps alleviate stress and anxiety in pets.
  • Safe and Durable: Made from food-grade 100% silicone, BPA-free for peace of mind.

Join Dexter's Favorite Routine! Replace your pet's feeding dish with our Pup-accino Lick Mat for a rewarding mealtime experience. Discover why it's a dexy fav in our household!

Shop Now and treat your pet to a delightful enrichment mat today!

Pup-accino Enrichment Lick Mat designed by Dexypaws, ideal for calming and engaging pets during mealtime.
Pup-accino Enrichment Lick Mat Sale price$21.00