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Slice of Pizza Dog Toy

Sale price$36.00

Introducing our Slice of Pizza Dog Toy, the perfect treat for your furry friend's playtime! This Italian-inspired toy brings the delicious aroma of sausage-flavored pizza to life, enticing your dog with its realistic design. With cute and mischievous expressions, this pizza toy features BB calls and rustling sounds for added fun during play. Whether your pup loves to chew, fetch, or simply snuggle, this toy offers endless entertainment.

Not just a toy, it also doubles as a fantastic shooting prop for adorable photoshoots. Packaged in a separate pizza box, it adds an extra touch of authenticity. Treat your dog to a slice of fun and watch them enjoy playful moments with this delightful toy. It's the perfect size for one serving and even allows your dog to play pretend delivery dog. Get your furry friend their own pizza today!

Slice of Pizza Dog Toy - Interactive Dog Toy - Cuddle Finds
Slice of Pizza Dog Toy Sale price$36.00